Click on a retailer link, make a purchase and you will have raised funds for Woodridge Elementary PTO. 


Link Merchant Name Donation 10% donation
Discounted Newspapers sells subscriptions to the largest local newspapers around the United States. We currently offer over 250 newspapers, serving over 40,000 zip codes with over 2,000 different subscription options. Subscriptions are for local home delivery only.

Event Decor Direct 2.5% donation on all goods
Event Decor Direct is a premier wholesale supplier of wedding decor items and event decorations. 10% donation
Real Estate Services Things You Never Knew Existed 5% donation
Things You Never Knew Existed® is a division of The Johnson Smith Company®, one of America's oldest catalogers. Launched in Australia back in 1914, Things Your Never Knew Existed offers unusual novelties, electronics, bizarre books and videos, As Seen on TV merchandise, and much more.